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Vocational Courses for Skills Development in CTAVN

Vocational Courses for Skills Development in CTAVN –Các khóa học phát triển kỹ năng nghề

Students who cannot enroll for a four-year course due to financial difficulties should think about practicality. What does it mean? You can still continue for college although you don’t enroll for a professional degree. Even if you want to take an engineering or architectural degree if no one can help you financially, don’t give up! You can still have a chance to graduate in college. How?

If you have the skills, you can use it! The possibility for you to be employed is high as long as you have the skills. Vocational courses can help you improve your skills. What are the different vocational courses?

Electrical and Electronics Repairman/Technician – Sửa chữa điện và điện tử.

Do you have the knowledge about electricity and electronic devices? Use that knowledge and improve it by taking this vocational course.  If you pass the assessment, you have the possibility to be employed after graduation.

 Computer Specialist – Công nghệ điện tử

This course is very in-demand. With the rapid development of technology, a lot of companies will look for computer specialists.

Auto Repair Training – Đào tạo sửa chữa ô tô.

This course is really for practicality. A lot of cars are continually being invented nowadays. For sure, auto repair shops need an auto repair man or a mechanic.

Hotel and Restaurant Services – Dịch vụ nhà hàng và khách sạn.

Do you love cooking? You can use it. Enroll for a short course for just 6 months up to 2 years.

Agriculture – Nông nghiệp

Don’t think it is just about ‘working the land’. You’ll study land-based industries, such as rural management, animal medicine, GM crops, food security and climate change.

Business and Management – Quản lý kinh doanh

Covering finance, accounting, marketing, HR management and administrative studies, you'll gain skills that can open doors for your own initiatives as well as global companies projects.

Travel and  Hospitality – Du lịch và khách sạn

You will study hospitality and travel industry, and its global impact. You will have the possibility to make your passion for travel your career and possibly develop your own business.