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International student support – Hỗ trợ sinh viên quốc tế

International student support – Hỗ trợ sinh viên quốc tế

To ensure you have the best experience at CTA Vietnam as our international students, we offer a wide range of proactive support services and activities prior to departure, upon arrival to Vietnam, during your study, and on completion. We encourage you to get involved and be part of our community along with local Vietnamese students, and staff to make the most of your time in Vietnam.

There are various opportunities and activities for international students to engage with other students from all over the world and Vietnam. The buddies from Green Program dedicate their time and commitment to support you through thick and thin during your stay in Vietnam.

International students can connect the following hotlines and emails to seek for support. We are committed to responding to all enquiries within 24 hours (one working day).

Phone number : +84.919291128

Email : cta.vietnam@gmail.com