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At the airport - Tại sân bay

At the airport - Tại sân bay 

Before departure, you are required to have your study multi-entry visa to Vietnam.

At the immigration desk, you will need to show your passport, which includes your study multi-entry visa for Vietnam. Please note that the queues are usually long at the immigration counter and generally slow moving. So be patient and take the chance to observe people from different countries entering into Vietnam.

Normally, the immigration official may ask you questions before stamping your passport. Your passport will be returned to you with a stamp from immigration if you meet the visa conditions.

Once through immigration, collect your bags at the baggage carousel. Trolleys are available at no cost. 

As you walk out to the arrivals area, you may need to present your baggage tickets which will be checked against the baggage labels on your suitcases.

You will immediately feel the heat in Vietnam. For this reason, and because your flight may be quite long, be sure to dress comfortably for the trip.  Make sure you check the weather and temperature at BBC weather or world weather websites prior to your departure to avoid temperature shock.