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What will I learn?

The Program

The Information Technology and Applied Systems (ITAS), program prepares students for careers in the design, installation, operation, and administration of network and internet-based information systems. The program combines rigorous theoretical and technical education with hands-on, project-based learning. Using the most up-to-date curriculum, the ITAS program develops a student's technical skills, as well as teamwork, communications, and project management skills to satisfy industry demands for well-rounded, highly employable technology graduates.

ITAS is offered as a one-year certificate, or three-year diploma program.

The first year of the program provides students with a solid foundation in computer hardware, operating systems, networking, and web authoring/programming. Students are eligible to receive a Certificate in Computer Systems & Networking upon successful completion of the foundation year.

In the second and third year of the program, students install, configure, and administrate a wide variety of computer & network services such as DNS, email, web, database, and security services, in a mix of Linux and Windows environments. Students hone their web-programming skills by developing database-driven web applications using such technologies as HTML, XML/JSON, JavaScript, AJAX, PHP, and MySQL. Students are also introduced to mobile application development and cloud computing technologies. Third year graduates receive a diploma in Information Technology and Applied Systems.

Career Opportunities

Graduates of the ITAS program will be qualified to work for:

  • Internet service providers,
  • Network design, installation, and support companies,
  • Web development and web-hosting companies,
  • Private and public educational institutes and training centres,
  • Computer retailers and systems integrators,
  • Most companies that use computers, computer networks, and the internet to carry out their business operations.