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Academic Exchange Program – Hợp Tác Trao Đổi Học Thuật

Faculty/Staff and Scholar Exchange – Trao Đổi Giảng Viên / Sinh Viên

Being an excellent chance for networking, this activity provides faculty members and scholars with opportunities to further their researches, to foster creation as well as to develop directions and research ideas with colleagues at other institutions. Staff development benefits greatly from this program through both professional and personal enrichment. Working, teaching and conducting researches in another country apparently presents a different perspective, creating challenges yet rewarding opportunities.

More importantly, Faculty/Staff and Scholar Exchange Program helps institutions expand a better understanding of their partners through interaction with a different managerial system, comprehension of a totally different culture and environment. Additionally, the Faculty and Staff members being exchanged will play the role of an Ambassador for his/her home institution, laying important foundations for the institutional relationship which helps further the mutual collaboration in the future.

For those great benefits, if you and your colleagues would like to join us through this exchange program, please contact us at the following email address cta.vietnam@gmail.com . Upon your request, Office of External and Public Relations will forward the information to related Schools, Departments and/or Offices.


Student Exchange Program – Trao Đổi Sinh Viên

Student Exchange program is an annual program designed especially for CTAVN’s undergraduate and graduate students, provide them with different opportunities to study at CTAVN’s partner  all over the world, as well as, for international students to come and experience CTAVN’s culture in specific and Vietnamese lifestyle in general (from 01 to 02 semesters). Through this program, not only that students will be able to explore the world, its diversity, studying in an international academic environment, but also to explore themselves and grow.  Through a network of over 10 CTAVN ’s exchange partner universities, and International Student Exchange Program – with over 300 member universities), students can choose to come to almost anywhere in the world.

For more information regarding our exchange program, please email: cta.vietnam@gmail.com

In addition, CTAVN regularly organizes the short courses for our partners’ students through the study tour programs. With English as our medium of instruction, well-equipped laboratory facilities and strong academic staff, CTAVN is more and more recognized as an ideal destination for international students.