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CTAVN’s Philosophy of Education – Triết Lý Giáo Dục CTAVN

                   CTAVN’s  Philosophy of Education – Triết Lý Giáo Dục CTAVN

Comprehensive, Liberal, Global – Toàn diện , Khai sang, Hội nhập.

COMPREHENSIVE:  CTAVN Education  offers multiple programs in diverse disciplines, ranging from science and technology to social sciences and the humanities (like business and English linguistics); and aims at training all-round individuals—intellectually, physically, ethically, emotionally; and provides not only professional expertise but also soft skills, not only specific professional knowledge but also a broad knowledge base.

LIBERAL: CTAVN Education aims at developing each student’s potentials to the fullest and equip them with necessary knowledge and skills, getting them ready for a complex, diverse and changing world. Specifically:

  1. CTAVN students are encouraged to develop their free and critical thinking.
    Only with free and critical thinking can they develop their creativity and potentials to the fullest. This is demonstrated in progressive curriculum design, lesson planning, student management and assessment, and in particular innovative clubs and societies. For example, many instructors have gradually switched to project-based assessment in place of traditional multiple-choice tests, and some offer students with multiple assessment options. The CTAVN  Technology Incubator and Start-up Center is a great example of CTAVN’s efforts in promoting student creativity.
  2. CTAVN students are equipped with not only specific professional knowledge but also a broad knowledge base, not only professional expertise but also necessary soft skills such as rhetoric, critical thinking, independent learning, teamwork, leadership, etc. For example, science and engineering students not only take courses about science and engineering, but also courses related to social sciences and the humanities (like philosophy, literature, music, etc.), and vice versa. A broad knowledge base helps students orient their futures much more effectively in the long term. In the complex, diverse, and changing world, students need lifelong learning skills in order to develop themselves, critical thinking skills in order to problem-solve and put forward initiatives instead of merely complying with orders.
  3. Free and critical thinking goes hand in hand with a sense of responsibility (for themselves and the community). This is manifested in the community related activities such as Green Summer  Program, community service, service learning, and classroom-community partnerships. In this spirit, CTAVN students are trained to care about not only their own careers but also the common good of the present and future generations.

GLOBAL: CTAVN aims at building an internationally oriented community of scholarship, aligned with the global integration policy initiated by the Vietnamese national government. Specifically:

  1. English is the language of instruction at CTAVN
  2. CTAVN faculty and students participate in the global community of scholarship. For example, CTAVN faculty publish in international journals; attend and host international conferences.
  3. CTAVN  is partnering with more 10 prestigious higher education institutions in the world, such as UWE, University of Houston, University of New South Wales, etc.
  4. CTAVN is involved in international faculty and student exchange programs.
  5. CTAVN has international, non-Vietnamese students.
  6. CTAVN transcripts are internationally transferrable.
  7. CTAVN participates in international accreditation programs such as AUN, ABET, etc.
  8. CTAVN students are oriented to a global job market.