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VIETNAMESE FOR FOREIGNERS 2020 - Tuyển lớp tiếng Việt cho người nước ngoài 2020

I.              INTRODUCTION


 - Offer different training programs of Vietnamese for foreigners (Basic Vietnamese, Advanced Vietnamese, Vietnamese for Specific Purposes, Subjects on Vietnam).

- Cooperate with domestic and foreign organizations, individuals and the Vietnamese in abroad.

- Set up and organize short-term and long-term training programs of Vietnamese for foreigners depending on the requirement of organizations and individuals.

- Carry out field trips or fact-finding tours on Vietnamese language and culture; organize  learning exchange activities, .

- Staff of experienced, enthusiastic teachers.

- Assign teachers to teach and build curriculum in abroad.

- Organize examination and issue certificates, qualifications for all levels (as the learners’ requirement).

- Support to renew visa.

II.  List of subjects:

[1] Vietnamese studies

[2] Vietnamese culture

[3] Brief history of Viet Nam

[4] Socio-economical geography of Viet Nam

[5] Tourism of Viet Nam

[6] Brief history of the Vietnamese

[7] Brief history of Vietnamese economy

[8] Brief history of Vietnamese education

[9] Brief history of Vietnamese journalism

[10] Brief history of Vietnamese arts

[11] Brief history of Vietnamese music

[12] Vietnamese music

[13] Paintings, Sculptures, Architectures of Vietnam

[14] Folklore of Viet Nam

[15] Law system of Viet Nam

[16] Eating and drinking of Viet Nam

[17] Clothings of Viet Nam

[18] Housing of Viet Nam

[19] Family – Kinship – Village of the Vietnamese

[20] Religions and belief of the Vietnamese

[21] Custom and practice of the Vietnamese

[22] Ethnic groups in Viet Nam

[23] Vietnamese trade villages

[24] Hanoi studies

[25] Regional studies

[26] Diplomatic issues of Vietnam

[27] Method of teaching Vietnamese as a foreign language

[28] Memories of the wars in Viet Nam

[29] Vietnamese literature

[30] Vietnamese arts 

Besides, we can arrange courses of Vietnamese for other special purposes such as Investment Laws, Stock market of Viet Nam, Immovable property of Viet Nam, Hot news of Vietnamese literature, Vietnamese economy, Vietnamese politics… according to the learners’ requirement.


For further information, please contact :  Email : cta.vietnam@gmail.com